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Speaking Schedule for Vets for Victory

See them in person and learn the soldier's view! The following are some of the many 2006-2010 speaking engagements for LTC Steve Russell (Ret).

To book Steve Russell for your event click here:


Steve Russell's major bookings to date for 2011

January 23rd - Dallas, TX

January 26th - Point Lookout, MO

February 26th - Palm Springs, CA

April 3rd - Grand Island, NE

April 4th - Conroe, TX

April 15th - Ft. Benning, GA - We Got Him! Book Debut

April 16th - Atlanta, GA

April 29th - Tulsa, OK

April 29-30th - Davis, OK

May 6th - West point, NY

May 30th - Dothan, AL

June 2nd - New Orleans, LA

June 12th - Orange Beach, AL

June 23rd - Hudson Oaks, TX

June 26th - Gulf Shores, AL (T)

July 3rd - Arlington, TX

September 11th - Birmingham, AL

September 11th - Conroe, TX

September 16th - Oklahoma City, OK

Dec 13th - Oklahoma City, OK

Steve Russell's major bookings for 2010

January 12th - St. Augustine, FL- Florida Police Chief's Conf.

March 6th - Simpsonville, SC

April 4th - Oceanside, CA

May 5-6th - Rochester, MI

May 6th - Campbellsville, KY

June15th - Detroit, MI - Selfridge Lecture Series

June28th - Aliso Viejo, CA

July 4th - Colorado Springs, CO

July 9th - Destin, FL, Gulf Coast Food & Fuel Expo

Nov 14th - Dallas, TX

December 13th - Oklahoma City, OK

Steve Russell's major bookings for 2009

January 24th - Phoenix, AZ - MTM Recognition Conf.

January 26th - Washington, DC - Geo. Washington Univ.

March 4th - Oklahoma City, OK - SaveMart Inc. Conf.

March 7th - Oklahoma City OK - Baylor Big 12 Basketball Team Dinner

March 12th - Charlotte, NC

April 10th - Redding, CA

April 17th - Bartlesville, OK - Weslyan Univ.

April 21st - Honolulu, HI - General Dynamics Conf.

May 21st - Oklahoma City, OK - Baylor Big 12 Baseball Team Dinner

May 24th - Colorado Springs, CO - USAF Academy Ring Banquet

May 27th - Killeen, TX

June 8th - Searcy, AR - Harding Univ.

June 29th - Cumming, GA - Restore America Conf.

July 5th - Edmond, OK - (Rescheduled)

August 8th - Oklahoma City, OK - Rotary Int. Regional Conf.

September 5th - Clermont, GA

September 10th - Statesboro, GA - Boys & Girls Clubs fundraiser

September 16th - San Diego, CA - Shaw Int. Exec. Conf.

September 19th - Lloydminster, Alberta Canada

October 22nd - Gadsden, AL - Republican Fundraiser

October 25th - Wichita Falls, TX

November 10th - Houston, TX

November 18th - Oklahoma City, OK - National Exchange Club Benefit

December 16th - Albequerque, NM - Police Chief's Conference

Steve Russell's bookings for 2008

January 17th - Macon, GA

January 30th - Corinth, MS

January 25th - Tinker Air Force Base, OK

February 7th - San Diego, CA

March 25th - Arkadelphia, AR

April 9th - Rock Island, IL

April 13th - Tampa, FL

April 15th - Bronxville, NY

April 29th - Ardmore, OK - Noble Foundation

May 18th - Summerville, SC

June 2nd - Dells, WI

June 9th - Searcy, AR

June 29th - Midland, GA

July 6th - Sidney, OH

October 17th - 2 November - Back to Iraq Tour (Baghdad & Tikrit)

November 18th - Oklahoma City, OK - Executive Women Banquet

Steve Russell's bookings for 2007

January 21st - Lynchburg, VA
February 7th - Woodstock, GA

February 17th - Oklahoma City, OK
February 20th - Norman, OK

March 8th - Bettendorf, IA
March 24th - Buffalo, NY

March 28th - Lubbock, TX
March 30th - Ft. Worth, TX

April 1st - El Paso, TX

April 6th - Branson, MO

April 9th - Tallahassee, FL

April 10th - Ft. Benning, GA

April 12th - Wendover, UT

April 17th - Tinker Air Force Base, OK

April 27th - Davis, OK

May 1st - 6th - Montpelier - Burlington, VT

May 16th - Keystone, CO

May 27th - Yuba City, CA

June 3rd - San Antonio, TX

June 7th - Ardmore, OK

June 11th - Searcy, AR

June 14-16th - Tampa, FL

June 21st - Baton Rouge, LA

June 24th - Atlanta, GA

July 1st - Hurst, TX

July 4th - Rockford, IL

July 7th - Claremore, OK

July 8th - Jacksonville, FL

July 24th - Rock Island, IL

August 1st - Oklahoma City, OK

September 13th - Duncan, OK

September 17th - Charleston, SC, The Citadel

September 18th - Washington, DC

September 27th-30th - Salt Lake City, UT

October 5th, Washington, DC, Heritage Foundation

October 14th - Plainville, CT

October 20th - Seattle, WA

October 24th - Bowman, GA

October 28th - Tulsa, OK

November 8th - Havre de Grace, MD

November 11th - Jacksonville, FL

November 16th - Tulsa, OK

December 14th - Chico, CA

Steve Russell's Major Engagements in 2006

January 30th & 31st 2006 - London, UK
February 8th 2006 - Phoenix, AZ
March 14th 2006 - Schofield Barracks, HI
April 7th 2006 - Kingston, Canada
May 22nd & 24th 2006 - Ft. Leavenworth KS
July 2nd 2006 - Hurst, TX
July 10th & 12th 2006 - Belgrade, Serbia
September 14th 2006 - Tulsa, OK
October 18th 2006 - OKC, OK
October 26th & 27th 2006 - Quebec, Canada
November 2nd 2006 - Bedford, NH
November 20th 2006 - Kingston, Canada
December 13th & 14th 2006 - Stillwater, OK
December 30th 2006 - Oklahoma City, OK


For info on how to book Steve Russell for your event click here:



Vets for victory, LTC Steve Russell (Ret) & LTC Scott E. Rutter (Ret) were there first hand and have been called on to share their opinions and perspectives with all the major networks like FOX, MSNBC and CNN. They have also been guests on many syndicated radio shows.  They are available for public and media speaking engagements. Use the form on this page to inquire about booking them.

For serious media inquiries only:

Steve Russell's Media Phone: (405) 708-8562

Contact Vets for Victory

Have a question or comment for Vets for Victory? Please use the form below and we will get back to you.

To inquire about Scott Rutter's or John Reitzell's availability, use form below

Colleges & Universities

We often speak at colleges and universities! The following is a list of past speaking engagements for LTC Scott E. Rutter.

United States Army War College
United States Military Academy
University of Pennsylvania
Georgetown University
Princeton University
Tulane University
University of Miami
Pennsylvania State Universtiy
Seton Hall University
Hofstra University
Bucknell University
Susquehanna University
City Council of Philadelphia
University of California at Berkley
Gonzanga University
University of Ohio
Ohio State University
University of North Carolina
High Point College
Warren County Community College
Bates College
Exeter Academy
Southern Illonois University
Georgia Institute of Technology
Emory Universtiy
Rutgers University
Norwood University
Marquette University

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